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Systems Engineering Design

ODL's view within this course is to combine operations research with systems thinking and integration in a constructivist way. Within this approach the main principles of systems design for ‘ty-s’, decision and development are linked with a system of interest.


Engineering Asset Management

ODL's view within this course is to provide an integrative viewpoint on Engineering Asset Management (EAM) where it is viewed as a balancing act between user demands, financial enablers and asset supplies to optimally provide quality of service. 


Information Systems

ODL's view within this course is to not only represent physical, and functional characteristics of the engineering asset (3D) but also represent so-called 'design for -ty' information characteristics for the entire asset service life. 


R&D Methodology for E&S

ODL’s view is that management sciences can both have a research (problem analysis) and a development (problem solving) viewpoint. These viewpoints are mapped within the empirical sciences plane. Furthermore, this course focuses on development (problem solving) both for engineering and management sciences using a systems thinking approach.


Contractor Management Systems

ODL's view on construction management is a purpose-economy oriented approach. This approach integrates human-, societal- and environmental driven concepts for fair, considerate and sustainable construction. 


(Civil) Engineering Systems Design

ODL’s view within this course is to combine mathematical modelling (i.e., multi-objective optimization and preference function modelling) with systems theory in a constructivist way to reflectively simulate a real-life socio-technical design process. Within this open design systems approach the main concepts of systems design/decision making, research & development viewpoints within a ethical embedded systems context are discussed.

Engineering & Management Systems ζ-crossovers for CIE/CME/ODE

ODL’s view is to stimulate students to follow different courses and or projects to learn development & solving skills within combined engineering (e.g. offshore, civil, transport assets) and management system problems. This multi-disciplinary project is being based on ‘deepening or broadening’ some of the engineering & management system (EMS) concepts of interest, see . These EMS concepts are open design systems for decision support within  Engineering Asset management or Construction Projects management or Service Operations management. After this crossover project students will becoming integrative ζ-students, well-prepared  for future interdisciplinary problem solving roles within the (civil) engineering industry.

Graduation Thesis

ODL’s  MSc thesis view is to follow a design and development driven approach for a combined management and engineering ζ-topic.  ODLc’s thesis topics are interesting for students different backgrounds: e.g., offshore, civil, transport& logistics and or construction mngt. & engineering. Typical projects fall within themes such as Virtual Decision Assistants (VDAs)/ Human-action driven Mitigation Control/ Purpose-economy oriented construction & asset management/ Preference based bidding/ Open Design Systems (ODSs)/ Open design Creativity

“One of the main characteristics of Open Design learning is that students have to construct their individual responses based on a self-chosen system of interest. Making responses online available for download might defeat student’s learning and development purpose.  Future students will be denied the possibility to self-constructive / create an original response starting from a ‘blank sheet of paper’. We can, however, imagine that you are interested in example responses for inspection. If so, please send us an email with your motivation and we will gladly facilitate your request.”

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