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The goal of this crossover for civil engineering students is to learn about di_erent engineering management systems tosupport the engineering management processes over the entire service life cycle. Engineering management systems are a group of information concepts,
tools and methods for decision support for e_ective and e_cient engineering assets management and/or construction projects management.

This allows civil engineering students to broaden their horizon within a systems engineering and management context. Rather than only focusing on what to engineer, this crossover focuses especially on how to manage and organize the construction projects - and engineering asset management processes. The cross-over focuses on applications within the context of international operating contractors who are responsible for engineering, procurement construction and/or maintenance services. Participation in this crossover leads to civil engineering students that are better prepared for real-life asset and construction projects management practices resulting in open integrative z-professionals rather than in purely specialized b -engineers.
This crossover is based on the principles of Open Design Learning concept,which is a reactive, creative and engaged learning approach that opens human development and unlocks new knowledge and design solutions in a constructive manner.

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